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Our Mission

Help Jumpstart Local Real Estate Markets

Assumptions are an absolute win-win proposition for buyers and sellers. That means Real Estate Agents have an incredible opportunity in front of them…right now!

Educate Buyers and Sellers!

If you show you are an expert and can help them navigate through all the bad information out there right now, you WILL get more buyers AND sellers.

Sell faster and for more!

Help potential sellers understand all the benefits of assumptions by addressing common concerns.

Level up your Purchasing Power!

Recall buyers who left due to high payments, and envision reconnecting by informing them you've found their dream house within their budget.


Education is Key

Specialized training and certification

Our in depth classes, workshops and continuing education make sure you are up to date with all the latest assumption information and trends.

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Customized Resources

Customized tools, resources and support

Having these at your fingertips is key to illustrating all the benefits of both buying and selling using an assumable loan.

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Examples of Our Services


Blended Rate

Client CRM

Loan Comparison

Marketing Materials

VA Entitlement

Subscription Services

If you learn to use these effectively, you can overcome any buyer or seller objections. You don’t have to ‘sell’ anyone on anything. You just have to educate.



JR Plan


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Client CRM

Assumption Calculators

Marketing Materials

And more!

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Jack's Plan


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Phone Support

Featured as Assumption Specialist (Post Certification)

50% off CE Classes @ TechRE

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Jill's Plan


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Ref Code Leads

Access to Buyers & Sellers

Free CE Classes

And more!

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We're on a mission.

At UMe, we’re educating buyers, sellers and agents with the most up to date assumption information available. Your education is the key to both your and our success.

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