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Our Mission

Assumable Loans cut your Mortgage Payment in Half

With our expertise and direction, we can help you find and purchase your new home while avoiding today’s high mortgage rates!

Our Agents

Our experts can prequalify you for a loan assumption quickly and with confidence!

Level up with us!

Once under contract, leave all the tedious details to us. We are here to get you a great low payment without the stress and hassle of dealing directly with servicers.


Our Process

Buying Process With UMe

Buying with UMe is simple and stress-free. Just sign up, search, and secure your dream home in a few easy steps. Start your journey today!

Step 1

Explore Available Homes
Sign up to find eligible homes with rates well below current market rates.

Step 2

Get preapproved
Get preapproved to buy your chosen home with the built in low-rate and payment.

Step 3

Sit Back and Relax
We take care of working with your agent, the servicer and the sellers…so you don’t have to.

Step 4

Get Your Keys and Smile
Congratulate yourself on your new home and low rate. Welcome home.

The buyer paid fee of 1% of the purchase price is paid upon a successful closing and through the transaction closing costs. This assures everyone a stress-free experience.

Immediate Savings
When you buy with UMe, you don't have any new mortgage loan costs...because there isn't a new loan. Many mortgage lenders charge 1-2% in fees. You've already saved thousands!
Long Term Savings
Most UMe clients can expect to save between $500 and $1,800 per month. That equates to $6,000 to $21,600 per year...every year!
There has to be a Catch
No catch. Buyers Win. Sellers Win. It's the only true win-win we've seen in the industry since assumptions in the 80's.

How UMe works


Eligible Mortgage Loans in US
Nearly a quarter of all outstanding mortgages are assumable FHA and VA loans


Homes Currently Listed for Sale
Many of these are eligible to be assumed…but they are going fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

All VA and FHA loans are assumable per the US Government. Technically other loans could also be assumable but most conventional loans have a Due on Sale clause. Simply put, this means if you sell the home, the lender has the right to be paid back.
If an assumable loan has a rate well below current mortgage rates, it is highly coveted. Buyers are able to take over that rate and payment. There is value in having a lower monthly mortgage payment.
The down payment needed is the difference between the sales price and the amount owed on the assumable loan. This varies with each home. In some cases, we have seen homes with ZERO down payment needed.
UMe has lender partners that are able to help finance part of the down payment needed. There are also other creative financing options available to buyers and sellers.
Once the buyer has assumed your loan, you are no longer responsible and have no liability for it.
The short answer is no. You have not lost your entitlement. VA phrases it as encumbered. Once the loan is either refinanced or paid off, your entitlement is fully restored. Until that time, you may still have bonus entitlement and the ability to get another VA loan. Call us for details.
Of course. Our business model is built around educating agents and arming them with all the tools they need to help buyers and sellers take advantage of this true win-win.
The buyer paid fee of 1% of the purchase price is paid upon a successful closing and through the transaction closing costs. This assures everyone a stress-free experience.
We're on a mission.

At UMe, we’re educating buyers, sellers and agents with the most up to date assumption information available. Your education is the key to both your and our success.

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